Shop below for the finest quality roses in the world. We have searched and found what we call Super Roses! Roses that are the largest and most fragrant varieties ever discovered! Buy in quantities of 12 or 500. Super Roses are a perfect cross between the science of agriculture and the perfect conditions of our Rose farms, located on the sides of volcanoes throughout Ecuador.

  • Opium


  • Heart

    Uniqueness – Characteristic trait: spectacular garden type rose th... 

  • Freedom

    Uniqueness – Characteristic trait: By far the most popular variety... 

  • Explorer

    Uniqueness – Characteristic trait: A very new variety with great a... 

  • Black Beauty

    Uniqueness – Characteristic trait: A rare variety to find, with a ... 

  • Sweet Avalanche


  • Sorve Avalanche


  • Sahara


  • Safari


  • Rosita Vendela

    A “pretty in pink” rose perfect for every day or a major celebra... 

  • Quicksand


  • Mondial