Caring for your Flowers

Upon receiving your flowers, it’s very important to hydrate them – they are thirsty!
When you receive your flowers, unwrap them, cut a few inches off all the stems, and place into lukewarm water to hydrate.

Let them hydrate for an hour and a half before you start your design.

Making Your Flowers Last

To get your flowers to last longer:

  1. Remove foliage below the halfway mark
  2. Cut on an angle
  3. Place into warm water with a couple drops of bleach in the water to cut down on the bacteria.
  4. Spray them with Crowning Glory after they are hydrated

Change the water and cut a few inches of the stems off every 3 to 4 days, and watch your flowers bloom for weeks.

Michael’s extra secret:

Submerge your flowers underwater for a half hour to 45 minutes to super-hydrate them – yes! Submerge the entire flower and stem under water for a half hour to 45 minutes at any time! You will super hydrate the flowers. The water will enter through the leaves, the bark and the stem, instead of having to travel up the stem.

Michael’s science secret!