About Farm to Table Flowers

Farm to Table means bringing the freshest most beautiful flowers from the flower fields around the world to your home.

Flower Power is designers and growers with over 50 years experience of buying and designing the best flowers in the world. We searched the globe for the best, most gorgeous, rarest  flowers. Your flowers are cut upon your ordering and sent directly to your home or office. We include helpful design tips to create beautiful designs. Many of our farms practice sustainable growing habits and organic farming practices to ensure a healthy future for farmers and recipients.

Flower Power brings the the expertise and knowledge to bring you the freshest flowers from around the world. Michael Gaffney is an author, designer and inventor who’s appeared on the Hallmark Channel, the Today Show and all major networks. He provides the designer collections along with helpful tips on how to assemble your bouquets.

Juan Carlos Samaniego and Juan Carlos Jr. supervise all your orders to ensure you receive your flowers and are happy with your beautiful blossoms. They supply much of the world with the best flowers.

It’s a
Flower Power Story

Mike Gaffney, in collaboration with Florisam, has decided to bring to you the most breathtaking blooms. Florisam is a family based company that has been in the flower business for over 20 years. The mission of our job is to be able to deliver the best and freshest flowers from the finest farm roses and flowers located in Ecuador. Every flower that you receive will be harvested the day you place your order and will be sent directly to your front door step with no hassle whatsoever. We work with over 20 different Farms to provide you the most spectacular looking roses and flowers. We are proud producers of one of the iconic products of Ecuador and love providing breathtaking beauty to all our clients.

The country of amazing flowers

Ecuadorian roses are renowned worldwide as the best because of the bud size, the color intensity of the flowers and the thickness of their stems. Ecuador is a small country found in South America, right on the equator (middle of the world). For this reason, many unique characteristics come together. The Andes give our farms a fresh pristine breeze plus an extra closeness to the sun since our farms are over 7500 feet above sea level. The sun’s rays comes in perpendicular year-round, providing one of the most intense light in the globe. Once you order exquisite Ecuadorian flowers, you will never look at flowers in the same way. You will not regret buying our top grade flowers.

Flower Power:
Lessons from the Los Angeles School of Flower Design

In ‘Flower Power’ Michael brings some of his best secrets, tips and techniques right to your home. ‘Flower Power’ has over 300 photographs showing easy to follow design techniques. Michael Gaffney puts the power in the flowers so you can create great beautiful designs effortlessly.

Design Star:
Lessons from the New York School of Flower Design

Design Star features Michael Gaffney’s foolproof methods bringing readers into the world of the professional with secrets, tips, and formulas for great design, including step-by-step instructions on everything from Classic English design to Exotic Tropical design.

Flower Crazy™
Complete DIY Flower Design Kit

Flower Crazy™ is the premier DIY flower design system that gives you crazy beautiful flower arrangements every single time! Each 3 Flower Crazy™ contains 3 different lids and a an included recipe book you can become an expert flower designer in minutes. No matter if you choose the Flower Crazy™ Cube or Flower Crazy™ Cylinder, you can achieve all 12 beautiful designs.